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Bringing manual welding into the 21st century

By offering welders a driven collaborative arm, our goal is to eliminate the risky, hard and repetitive aspects of their work. Welders benefit from improved comfort, produce superior quality welds and increase their productivity. At a time when many companies face recruitment challenges, our solution makes the profession more attractive.


Our history

Inventions were created in a garage or at school ; WeezBot was born during a break at the coffee machine between Benoit Tavernier and Yves Guillermit. They share their observation of the advantages and disadvantages of traditional robotics, which is very effective in repeating identical operations, but often struggles when the parts to be welded present dimensional variabilities. After reflection and discussions, the two engineers embarked on the adventure with one idea in mind: creating a driven welding cobot. The name Weez-U Welding (“with you” and “weld” in English) is created with the aim of showing our close support to welders in their daily work.

Drawing on their experience and skills in the industry, the two founders work with field welders to create a solution that best meets their needs. The team is growing; several partnerships are established, notably with CETIM. The first WeezBot driven welding cobot is put into service and immediately demonstrates its flexibility, attractiveness and performance. In addition to the ten examples currently in production with our customers, our presence at 14 trade fairs in recent years allows us to raise awareness of this technology, which is of increasing interest to welding manufacturers.

The team now has 12 people, ensuring the maintenance of the cobots in service and the continuation of the technical developments requested by our customers. The company is well established in the French industrial fabric.


In our vision, the machine is at the service of Humans and not the opposite. The welder is central to our project; he is the only one who can successfully perform a complex weld.

SAFETY : safety is our first priority. The collaboration between Humans and our device carries no risk

RELIABILITY : developed by trustable professionals, our solution is based on reliable and robust technologies

USER FRIENDLINESS : we pay particular attention to the comfort and ease of use of our solutions, to guarantee to our customers an immediate start after installation

COMMITMENT : we keep our promises every day to satisfy our clients and fulfil our social responsibility

Our Team

Weez-U-Welding brings together a multidisciplinary team capable of successfully executing complex technological projects and delivering innovative, high-quality, and certified solutions.




In charge of Technical Direction, Yves has 25 years of experience in project management and R&D in the industry and construction sectors. Whether in terms of business, programs or production, he understands the needs of industry players and works to meet them.




In charge of general coordination and administration, Benoit has 20 years of management and business administration experience in the industry. With expertise in strategic marketing, sales, and account management, Benoit knows how to leverage technological innovation to serve the customer.


Laurent JOSSO

Sales Manager

With over 25 years of technical and sales experience, Laurent oversees the business development of the company. He is your primary contact.



Embedded Systems Manager

Dr. Yazid, a Ph.D. in Industrial Computing with 15 years of experience in SMEs, oversees the development of embedded systems. As a project manager and an engineer in R&D, electrical and computer engineering, Yazid provides software design solutions.



Head of HMI Development

Fabien coordinates all aspects related to user experience and ergonomics of our solutions. He holds a degree from Centrale Supélec Paris and applies his extensive skills to the development of the human-machine interface and vision system.



Head of Mechatronics Design Office

With ten years of experience in technology-focused SMEs after graduating from Arts & Métiers, Erwan brings his expertise to our mechatronics developments, which he leads with enthusiasm.



Industrialization Manager

Graduated from Arts & Métiers school, Amaury joined Weez-U Welding after a first experience in gasification modules construction and development. He is in charge of our products’ industrialization.



Communication Manager

Adèle has a management and economic bachelor degree. With experiences in communication, she is passionate about carrying out cultural and event projects. Adèle is currently in a work-study program at IGC Business School and she is in charge of the communication management at Weez-U Welding.



Business Engineer

With experience in a QSE office in mass distribution logistics, he is currently on a work-study program at CESI Saint-Nazaire engineering school. Tom carries out project management and participates in the supply chain monitoring.



CIFRE Thesis Doctoral Student

Robotics specialist and graduated from ENIB, Nicolas is conducting a Master thesis focusing on the modeling and control laws of our robots in collaboration with the LS2N laboratory in Nantes

Our Partners

FivesCryo is the global leader for the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of brazed aluminum heat exchangers. Its teams have cutting-edge know-how for carrying out very complex welds subject to particularly severe technical requirements. They were convinced by the ease of use of WeezBot, as well as the quality of the control offered to welders in real time to master multi-pass welds with oscillations.

CETIM is a technical industrial center specialized in mechanical industries that has supported us since the inception of driven welding development. With their knowledge of real-world industrial challenges, CETIM experts have guided the development of our solution towards practical uses that meet the needs of our customers.

Fab’Academy is a specialized training and consulting center focusing on cutting-edge technologies, industrial performance and management. A WeezBot cobot is positioned at their center in Saint-Nazaire, providing access to this technology for industrial players in the region. Learners can also use it for their training.

Fanuc is a globally renowned manufacturer of robotic systems, with a strong presence in France, particularly in welding. Their range of collaborative robots respond perfectly to the needs of driven welding implemented by Weez-U Welding.

EWM France is a recognized supplier of welding generators, committed to manufacturing high-quality and useful products for welders. Together, we share the ambition to develop future-oriented welding solutions that cater to customer needs.

Discover our WeezBot welding cobot.