The driven and ergonomic
welding cobot

A cobotic solution serving welders, certified,
easy to install and handle


The Welding cobot serving the welder

The WeezBot solution combines an ergonomic controller, a real-time computer system, a vision system and a collaborative arm. Easy to use, it allows welders to control a complex welding operation.



Renewed attractiveness
of the profession


High operational

The WeezTouch controller

Ergonomy and ease of use for welders

This ergonomic controller has been designed for and by welders. It brings together all the necessary elements to drive welding operations. Its handling is intuitive and allows for precise real-time control of the welding process.


The mission of Weez-U Welding is to bring manual welding into the 21st century

By providing welders with a guided collaborative arm, our goal is to eliminate the dangerous, hard, and repetitive aspects of their work. Welders benefit from unparalleled comfort and are able to produce high-quality welds with improved productivity. At a time when many companies face recruitment challenges, our solution enhances the attractiveness of the profession.

We facilitate step by step implementation of our WeezBot solution with taylor made experimentation arrangements.

Weez-U Welding facilitates the deployment of the WeezBot solution with flexible implementation options.

We collaborate with leading players in the welding and robotics industry. Since its initial deployment in April 2022, our driven cobot has consistently demonstrated its flexibility and performance.


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