Driven welding cobot

Solution for driven collaborative robotic welding

WeezBot is a driven collaborative robotic welding solution, or cobot. It combines a controller, a real-time control computer system, a vision system and a collaborative arm. The user interface is intuitive and implements modern robotic technologies in an innovative way.

Our solution also features an autonomous mode that enables automated welding for repeatable parts. The other mode, driven welding, is suitable for complex parts with varying geometries. WeezBot is compatible with most welding equipment used by our clients.



Variable parts can be welded thanks to real-time control by the welder. The device can be used without safety barrier thanks to its certified ergonomic controller. WeezBot is compatible with most welding generators and processes


Renewed Attractiveness
of the Trade

It becomes easier to perform high quality welds, even for welders without many years of manual experience. Training and recruiting new profiles become easier.



The driven cobot enhances welders’ safety. It enables a better control of welds quality and leads to a significant increase in productivity.

Robotic Arm

WeezBot incorporates a collaborative robotic arm enabling genuine interaction with welders. Its operation is intuitive and does not require specific training. It ensures safe piloted welds. We have chosen the Fanuc CRX series for its recognized build quality. WeezBot is compatible with the entire CRX range.


Our compact camera allows welders to visualize the weld pool behavior in real time and make necessary trajectory corrections while benefiting from unprecedented operational comfort. The image processing ensures clear vision before, during, and after welding. The recorded videos can be used for traceability or training purposes.


Our standard solution includes a mobile support that allows for quick movement of WeezBot. Lightweight and easy to set up, it offers flexible deployment in your workshops. WeezBot’s piloted welding is certified for mobile use without safety barriers. We also offer customization of the support to fit your specific environment. The robot can be installed on a fixed station, mounted on walls or ceilings, and more.


Ergonomic Controller


The WeezTouch ergonomic controller has been designed in collaboration with welders, for welders.

The WeezTouch ergonomic controller has been designed in collaboration with welders, for welders.

It is intuitive and easy-to-use. WeezTouch is the sole interface required by the welder, both during setup and welding phases. It enables precise, real-time control of the welding process, even for welders without many years of manual experience. It offers unparalleled working comfort, allowing welders to fully express their skills and focus on problem-solving and decision-making.

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