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Flexible and customized

Flexible offers enable
step-by-step deployment

Many clients are interested in welding cobotics and wonder how to approach this technology. We allow them to experience driven welding for two hours, two days, or two months. Each client can thus design its own path and start today with the initial steps that suit them.


Discover and test our WeezBot au sein driven welding cobot in Nantes or Saint-Nazaire

Schedule an appointment for a free demonstration. Feel free to bring your own parts. This initial two-hour experience will allow you to perform some driven welds and gain a first-hand understanding of the potential of this technology.

We have two permanent showrooms in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire (France). We also occasionally visit other regions, especially during trade shows. Stay tuned for our updates !


CETIM – Nantes

74 Rte de la Jonelière,
44300 Nantes



34 Rue de l’Étoile du Matin,
44600 Saint-Nazaire

On-site implementation in Your Facilities

The mobility of  WeezBot allows us to offer short-term on-site implementation.

Just half an hour after being unloaded from the van, our guided cobot is ready to weld in your workshops.

WeezBot Discovery Package

We deploy WeezBot in your workshop for a two-days period, with the support of our specialists. After a quick training session, your welders take control of the system.

This immersive experience is always enlightening and helps validate the potential of the technology in your environment.

Parts Manufacturing

We deploy WeezBot in your facilities and operate the system to produce compliant parts.

This gives you a firsthand view of the performance of driven welding on your specific pieces.


Turnkey solution

By investing in our technology, you can fully benefit from all its capabilities.

We set up a project to meet your specific needs. If necessary, we design and manufacture a custom support for the cobot arm. We deliver a brand-new machine under warranty. We provide tailored support and assistance throughout the process.

We encourage a five-year leasing option, accompanied by a maintenance package. This ensures enhanced service continuity and access to all software updates.

Flexible Rental Option

From two weeks to a few months, our rental option allows you to handle peak workloads or address specific projects. You immediately reap the benefits of the WeezBot cobot welding system, gaining operational validation of its usage.


We provide all required training for the use of the WeezBot cobot welding system. All our training programs include a chapter on safety and installation compliance.

After-Sales Support / Assistance

We provide a range of after-sales services and maintenance services. We respond promptly to address any issues or queries you may have after the partial or complete acquisition of our machine.

Want to know more ?

If you would like more information about our offers, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts in cobotic welding is at your disposal to give you the best advice and address your challenges.